Thursday, February 3, 2011

New cards at GOG!

This month we are featuring some of our own hand crafted cards using our own pressed flowers! It has always been a passion to create art and gifts using what nature has so blessed us with. I remember several years ago traveling to flea markets and trade shows all around Texas to sell framed art I made. Eventually, the traveling became too much for the four kids to deal with on their own so I brought the showcase to my home!

Who would have known years later, my kids (now all grown up) would eventually help me setup a website and thus form the beginning of Greetings of Grace?

Now that things are setup and running (with much help from the kids), I have the ability to make artwork and special gifts for friends and family -- including these cards!

Hope you can pick one up for yourself or give one to someone else who could use a little encouraging through the beauty of pressed flowers :-)


  1. The cards are gorgeous but for some reason the photos are blurry, or maybe it is a cover on the cards.

    They are wonderful, though. The backing paper adds a really elegant touch too. I obviously have a lot to learn about making cards! Chris

  2. nice blog , hope you have fun in your new adventures. peace

  3. I checked on your cards and they are lovely. Just a tip as Chris mentioned when the picture is small it looks fuzzy . Try laying them face down on scanner , i think that will make them show better. lots of pretty work there! keep on pressing

  4. Chris & Terica, thanks so much for the tips. I will notify our webmaster, although it may have something to do with the vellum paper on top. Look forward to keeping up with you on your blogs!