Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Season at GOG

Hard to believe how quickly time has passed! In the spirit of the holidays, we're reminded every season the blessing of what we have - our families, our homes, our passion, and of course the beauty flowers bring to us. Every season is a new opportunity and a new chance for blooming. That's our philosophy here at Greetings of Grace.

We hope to begin posting more regularly while offering special bonuses you can find on our blog to go with your order.

Here you will find out what's going on with us, updates on new flowers and sale items, and special bonuses for free flowers to go with your order.

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Update

The weather has definitely been heating up here in Texas as we enter the first few weeks of June! I'm excited for the new blooms this summer. This summer I'm growing Hydrangeas, roses, violas, and an assortment of greens in my yard. Although the sun is plentiful, we haven't seen the rain in a while so just as a reminder - water your gardens, feed your plants!! I'm sure those who are avid gardeners would not even have to think about that. But I do remember the days when I was a passive gardener and I would for weeks forget to water my lawn... I would suddenly remember one morning, go outside, and see my poor flowers pale and dead.

In any case, we will be hoping to introduce new products and flowers for greetings of grace. There are many BIG updates coming up. We have our webmaster and designer working hard the last couple weeks to come up with a new layout for the site.

Hopefully this will allow our site to be more interactive and user-friendly to showcase some of our specials & promotions.

Until then, Happy pressing!

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Already?!

Lots of new stuff going on at greetingsofgrace!

This year we hope to continue in not only expanding our product line, but also some of the other aspects of our website that our loyal customers have found helpful in. First, we're planning to post new articles that readers may find helpful in their work with pressed flowers. I think there are lots of great resources out there but at the same time we find that some topics have not been answered entirely. So our hope is to publish helpful articles that cover some of the topics like "How pressed flowers are dyed" or "The Different flowers available."

Second, we want to continue and expand our artists' corner. This is something we really enjoy doing -- posting the beautiful works of pressed flower artists all around the world! Not only does this encourage our other readers but it also inspires us! So look for a contest coming up in the Spring :P

Finally, there are some other changes too big to share on this post. But hopefully I'll be able to keep it a secret until we launch!

Til then, happy pressing!